120KVA Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Meru Highlands

Meru highlands approached us looking for a power solution that will protect their sensitive milk processing machine as well as the packing unit. We sized, designed, supplied and installed a 120KVA Industrial UPS that guarantees them clean power and has a battery backup to ensure seamless changeover in times of power supply change.

Captive Solar 62KW – Severin Sea Lodge – Mombasa Kenya

In partnership with https://www.meeco.net/ we supplied and installed a solar grid tie system which has provided Severin Sea Lodge savings on their energy costs. This has provided Severin with an electrical and solar training platform to the local community. We continue to provide remote monitoring and support for the system

Hybrid Solar Power 15KW – Don Orione Community Centre

Don Orione Community Centre is school for special needs kids and provides specialized care and education to them. We designed, supplied and installed a 15KW Solar power hybrid system with storage. We monitor and continue to provide maintenance support to extend the useful life of the system. See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPJlwMBHE1o&t=60s

Solar Mini-Grid 60KW Lagdera – Garissa County

In collaboration with the Rural Electrification Authority and the World Bank, we designed, supplied and Installed a Solar Mini-Grid in Lagdera Constituency located at Garissa County Kenya. The Mini-Grid now supplied clean power to over 600 households and growing. This was the first power supply in the area and is providing opportunities for the pastoralist community seek alternative livelihoods.